Post-Binge Watching Confusion

It’s a classic case in our brave new world of television. My wife is suffering PBWC (Post-Binge Watching Confusion). 

After a few short weeks, she’s finally finished all that Netflix has to offer when it comes to seasons of the hit show “The Blacklist”. Is there another season on an actual TV channel? Yes. But we haven’t had TV in that way since we got our apartment together 6 years ago. It’s alllllll Netflix for us baby!

So now it’s a little rough. The cliffhanger season-ending episode has come and gone, and now comes the hardest challenge of any Netflix family: figuring out what to watch next.

We spoke about it briefly, going through the short list of shows we started but never finished. Then came the scrolling. Going block by block trying to find something new that could possibly hold interest…and also has a few seasons uploaded already. 

It felt….cold. Like our evening routine had just vanished with the rolling of credits. It’s not that we don’t have other things to do together. But we like our current routine of hanging out, watching a show and chatting about it and other things. We’re a rare breed that uses technology to enrich our lives and conversations rather than abandon each other to the depths of silence behind with noses in screens. 

By the sounds of it, from upstairs putting our little girl to bed, it sounds like she’ll be finishing up “Once Upon a Time”. 

Stay tuned.



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