Making Our Home More “Us”

We found ourselves in the hardware store like we have soooooo many times.

And no, that cover image is NOT what our bathroom looks like!

My Wife and I, even before buying a house, would go on long debates about what we like in a kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc. What do we want style wise in a house or apartment? What do we want to come home to and live in?

So here we are again, in the flooring and tile section of our local chain hardware store saying “um” a lot in between getting our three year old to be less fidgety in the cart-seat. After about twenty minutes the same bell started to ring in my head as it usually does, that even if we find what we want here, when are we ever going to be able to afford it. Its going to be a little while for these projects.

Fortunately, this time, we actually found what we were looking for in a tile. The perfect style to fit our idea for the tub-shower we want to replace in the next couple of years. Now here’s the tricky part: Affording it, and figuring out everything else we want. Coordinating a bathroom is like coordinating an outfit, but you have to wear it and like it every single day! That’s when a miracle moment happened. I pulled out my phone to check my email, and there was one from .

***I was compensated for this post, but all words and ideas are mine. I never take on a sponsor that I don’t think will benefit my readers!***

I’ve done a few sponsored posts in my time, but rarely does the sponsor ever line up so perfectly with my actual needs! Not only was it an opportunity to give a more in-depth post for my readers, but now we also have a tool available for outfitting our dream bathroom.

Whether you need fixtures, tile, lighting etc, this site provides you with an awesome supply. We’re talking hundreds of styles and brands including Phylrich, Hirsch Glass and Huntington Brass.  This is the kind of shopping experience where it doesn’t matter if you are going in cold, or have an idea already in place, and to me that’s the best possible situation for planning out an integral part of your home.

It may take us a while to find that perfect faucet, towel rack, or light fixture…but I’m glad I have a site like PlumbTile to help us out.


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