As she lay on that hospital bed, clutching to her mother and trying to sleep, I took a picture. These are the moments when you are tested.

The past three weeks have been a blur of illnesses and other craziness. Keeping our heads on straight became the number one property and despite it all, we made it. The wife and I still have a bit of a cough going on, but all things considered…we’re just fine now. 

It all started with pink eye. The little one cam home with it on a Tuesday and stayed home with me on a Wednesday. That whole day lead up to her not eating, puking like crazy, and getting massively dehydrated. So…to the E.R. we went. 

By the time we got to the bed in the hallway (it was a busy night for the E.R.) she had kept down a few crackers and half a sippie of water. On our second trip to the bathroom (she’s in the middle of potty training) it all came out and it was time for an I.V. 

We were able to head out a few hours later, and the little one was on the mend. But 48 hours of no sleep and plenty of action took a toll on me, and 24 hours of no sleep plus work and action had taken its toll on my wife. We spent the next two or three days sleeping, barely eating, and trying to hold together a bit of sanity. 

Tuesday, I was let go from my job. Not enough money in the budget to pay me. Wednesday put the icing on the cake when I started ejecting more out of my body than what I was able to put in. Meanwhile, wifey was sick and still going to work and the little one had poop backing up in her system. It wouldn’t come out for another three days. But when it did….good lord.

Now, we recover. The little one is completely better, and the wife and I have the house to ourselves while Em is at daycare for the next two weeks. We’ve been eating smarter, drinking plenty of water, and taking the time to relax when it’s needed. 

It’s things like this, illness that hits the whole family for a few weeks, that are made into stories to scare soon-to-be parents. Or told to them to see if they are “ready to handle it”.

Well I’ve got news for you: 

You’ll never know if you can handle it until you’re in the middle of it. And if you can work like a team like we did, and work smart, you’ll come out the other side laughing about it. Now it’s just a story to tell, another “parenting war story” to go along with all the tales of insurmountable shits coming from the little one, messes being made, clothes being ruined, and lessons being learned.  

So….back at it. Back to writing, podcasting and all the things that got interrupted while we’ve been recovering. Still got a bit left to go, but dammit…call me whatever you want, but you can never say I’m not a determined fellow. 

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