The Vlog

*For immediate release*

(I’ve always wanted to preface a post with that!)

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending yet another “Twitter Party”, as I love those darn things. When done right or even when done wrong, it’s a ton of fun for Tweet loving bloggers like myself.

Thanks to the Party host, Flipboard, I won a brand-spankin-new Sony camera. That was it. That was the sign. 

For years I’ve been debating starting a vlog on YouTube, sometimes even starting one. But alas it would fall way low on the priorety list OR I’d just get lazy and anti-social. But having worked in this industry a while now, I finally feel comfortable and I finally feel like I could bring some awesome contributions to the medium. All I have to do is get started! 

So…debuting January 4th, 2017: 

Follow THIS LINK to subscribe! 

Thanks again for coming along on this journey with me! 


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