1 A.M. Cookies

If there is one thing I “resolve” to do more of this year, it’s working with my hands. It’s how I grew up, spending most of my young life up until Junior Year of High School without a cell phone and with very little TV or Internet exposure throughout the day. 

Over the years all that has steadily increased till the past couple of years when being on the internet via my phone is a huge part of my work and binge-watching stuff on Netflix is a favorite pastime. 

I still get pretty hands on from time to time, like with cooking in general or working on our cars/house to either fix something or make it better. But the Holidays present an occasion much looked forward too: baking cookies.

The realization that occurred soon after the Holidays ended however is this: we can make cookies any time we damn well please. We can take the time to put down the phone and get our hands dirty to do something rewarding to our souls, to our hands, and to our stomachs. 

So at 1AM on the morning of January 2nd, I baked some m’fuggin cookies. Just about 2 dozen standard, soft-bake, chocolate chip cookies. The kitchen got dirty, but not too. Same happened with me, ending up with a bit of flower on my shirt and cookie dough on my hands (cause if you don’t mix it together by hand, are you really making cookies?)

Upon reflection after the trays were in the oven, I told my wife what was going through my head. That really it wasn’t the promise of cookies that drove me to make them, it was the process itself that rewarded me the most. 

Let’s do more of that. 

Cheers to 2017.



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