I Love Snow

I’m still not really sure why, but for as much as I’m not crazy about the cold I love it when it snows. 

Like an unparalleled excitement. 

 I love walking in it, looking at it, the smell of it and even shoveling it. Perhaps it’s an extension from my childhood, pre-internet when during the winter I had no interest in tv or the internet but just spending time out in the woods. Back in the day, in Northern New Jersey, the snow was largely untouched for a few days aside from the occasional critter tracks and of course…my own. 

I miss that snowfall. Ever since we moved a few hours south, almost 10 years ago now, it’s been a strange feeling to see almost no snow in December and certainly none in November. It used to be first snow would come around Thanksgiving. The heavy stuff would roll in around Christmas and then hang around till February. 

I’m sure one day I’ll get used to it, till then…..let it snow whenever it wants.


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