The Funniest Thing Happened on The Way To 2017

It’s a bit strange. Usually what happens to people at the New Year is they “resolve” to be in better shape. They buy a gym membership, pick up a meal-plan app or something and get to work till either they can’t afford it or they’ve slid back into their old routines because it’s just easier on life. It happens every year and is SO dependable that gym’s like Planet Fitness and L.A. Fitness hire extra “seasonal” staff to accommodate the influx of new customers.

If you are watching me via the vlog or just social media in general, I may appear to be one such person. I haven’t purchased a gym membership, but I’ve been more active and using the exercise equipment at the park. No meal plans for me, just eating smarter and cutting out soda and candy as much as possible. It would appear that I am one of those “New Years Resolvers” who is trying whole-heartedly to shed off all that “Holiday Weight” and then some. but I’m not.

No, a funny thing happened over the past couple of months. The realization that what I was doing to myself by eating the way I was and not being active was going to kill me some day, and before it kills me, it will steal so many opportunities. So a metamorphoses began. I started eating better, getting up earlier, being more active etc. But there’s a bit of a catch.

Unlike the past couple of times I have attempted fitness, I didn’t go “cold turkey” (mmmmm turkey..)

I didn’t immediately stop everything I was doing (or wasn’t doing) and switch gears to something else. No, it’s been a slow and steady process. Sugar for me is like a drug, I am addicted to it. Weaning off is the best way to go with this one, progressively getting it out of my system and building up the person I can be one day/week at a time. I still have soda on the weekends, although I don’t go overboard like I used too. During the week I’ll allow myself the occasional Orange Cream Popsicle, or an extra slice of greasy pizza.

Instead of living in a worried state trying to burn fat and get that “beach bod”, I’m simply keeping myself reaching for the protein instead of the carbs for breakfast. Reaching for the water or tea instead of the soda or beer, and going for a walk and doing pushups instead of sitting on the couch. I may not be doing the things or eating the things that high-level fitness people do, but I’m certainly doing better than I was.

I’m on a slow climb, continually making adjustments to make myself better without losing my damn mind. I love eating, I love food. I love sitting on the couch binging Netflix and chugging tasty beverages. But I also need to love myself and love living without killing myself in the process.

The point of this post? Well…I figure there are people out there that are just like me. Who have been going back and forth for years with diets and gyms and driving themselves nuts to the point of regression. Is that you? Maybe we’ve been going about this all wrong.

Instead of dropping everything and sending our bodies into shock, we need to make it a process. A gradual weaning into a better life. Instead of getting out of the hot tub and immediately jump into the deep end of a cold pool in winter, lets get into the kiddy pool and work our way in.



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