#ISleepTo Live Better: Beautyrest Sleeptracker 

It’s been a crazy couple of months. With starting a new job, taking care of the house and taking care of the kiddo, there are nights where we don’t sleep at all. But as we’ve worked out our new schedules and new daily processes, we’ve become more serious about taking care of ourselves. Sleep is an important part of how the body works and it effects everything, right down to your hormones. So getting as good a sleep as you can is a huge boost to the body and your day to day life. 

We were ripe for the challenge presented by Beautyrest when it came up. Use the Sleeptracker along with the app to track our sleeping habits and biometrics, then improve our sleep performance over the next 30 days. Challenge accepted! It’s been 5 days and it’s been interesting to get to know ourselves from that perspective, especially the breakdowns of what type of sleep we are getting each night and for how long. But there is also a little something else we are keeping track of thanks to the Sleeptracker. 

My side of the family has a number of genetically passed down illnesses and conditions that will manifest at any time, and it seems the first one has already been going on for a number of years: Sleep Apnea. Now, I don’t know for sure that I have it, but I certainly have some of the effects such as heavy snoring, inability to enter deep sleep regularly, and I occasionally stop breathing for a few seconds at a time every once in a while. All of these things, how well I breath and how much deep sleep I get, is tracked by the Sleeptracker and it’s seriously refreshing to have that data. 

Being healthy isn’t just for me though, it’s for my family. Let’s face it: parenting is hard enough as it is, but being unhealthy while trying to work a job, keep house, and take care of the little one is a huge challenge. Getting enough sleep helps me function better at work, which means I function better all day and into the evening when the little one is home and it’s time to “switch hats”. 

One of the better aspects may seem a little odd, but bear with me, because it’s a comparison that my Wife and I looked into a few years ago: I like that I don’t have to wear it to bed. Wearables need to be charged, and they’re mega uncomfortable. The Sleeptracker is completely non-invasive and all I had to do was set it up, plug it in, and hit a button on the app before I crawl into bed to get cozy and pass out. The convenience is awesome. 

Has sleep for my wife and I improved over the past 5 days? Probably not as much as we were hoping, but having the knowledge and the data to adjust things as well as being more conscious about the importance of sleep on the body is a huge step forward to getting better. 

***I have partnered with Life of Dad and Beautyrest for this campaign. They gave me the tools, but the results and opinions are my own.***

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