The Right Little Things: #ThanksBaby 

Life can be tough, especially when you are a parent. Sometimes you can find yourself overwhelmed with work life, home life, and trying to fit in all the other things you want/need to spend your time on. But with all those possible negatives comes what I have found to be a lifetime of positives that I like to call “The Right Little Things”.

I found myself getting stressed out, and the wife was as well, with all the “wrong” little things that seemed to be piling up. Dishes, laundry, getting the bills paid on time, remembering appointments and meetings and things we need to do for work, etc. It seemed to just go on and on and keep piling up on us, and right when we thought we were on top of it, another one shows up. One day, after “one of those days” I had a moment with the little one. 

It was just cute, just a standard little thing. Actually it was pretty gross. She farted, then came right up to my face and said “excuse me” with the biggest, silliest smile ever. I giggled uncontrollably and our cute little moment ended up with us cuddling on the couch watching an old cartoon from the 80’s called “She-Ra”. After a few minutes it dawned on me. 

These moments aren’t “just standard little things”, they’re the most important things. All this time we had been focused on all the little things that were causing us stress, not because they were important to remember, but because they were stressful. What we should be focusing on are “the right little things”, the ones that make every second of our day happy. The ones that lift our hearts more than any stressful one could sink them. And then I realized something else.

None of those moments are possible without her. It all comes from that beautiful little brain with that gargantuan personality. The result of 4 years of life comes overflowing with joy and adorableness and happiness and a simple understanding of what makes her happy. And that simplicity is part of the beauty of life itself, the simple understanding that its ok to be happy and move on from the stress as soon as it happens. 

The same can even be said for when she has a tantrum. 

Something she doesn’t like, happens. 

She throws a fit for 2 minutes. 

She finds something that makes her happy and boom, no more sadness. The misery washes away like it was never even there because it’s not important any more, or at least not as important as what’s making her happy. And thats the key. 

So thank you baby, for showing me how to let the stress pass and focus on the things that really matter. 

Thank you for teaching me how to live happy again. 

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*Disclosure- Pampers and Life of Dad sponsored this post, although…it was about time I write it. They may have sponsored it, but the words and the feeling and the life are real.* 

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