The Falls

In-Places #1


Wifey and I have been a little cramped lately. In our younger days we spent more time outside and doing things than we do now in adulthood, that’s just the way it goes sometimes. This moment….we’ve been building up to this moment. Or I should say..these moments. 

Back in the wilderness again. To be fair, we were at Bushkill Falls in Bushkill, PA. Its a semi-enclosed park that encompasses a series of trails and hand-built bridges and stairways made from wood. It was $14 per person to get it, which sounds strange, to have to pay to go into the “wild”. But “wild” was promised along with beauty and a return to our earthly ways, and boy did it deliver. One of these days we’ll find ourselves in what some people would call the “real” wilderness, but if you are one of those people, consider this a good “re-entry”.

The hike was long. It only covers 2 miles, but it’s up and down hills, over and through water, and the red trail is not for “occasional” hikers. We were exhausted by the end, but rejuvenated in spirit. For the past 6 years the forest has been calling us, and on that day we answered.

Just me, my wife, my boots and my backpack. Occasionally surrounded by other people, occasionally in solitude with the trees and the silence and the cool rain. It was medicine for the soul indeed.


Photo by Carissa Mullen





4 thoughts on “The Falls

  1. My fiance and I love to go to a small state park near our house to unwind. Sometimes we hike and sometimes we just sit by the lake. It always feels so nice to be outdoors.


  2. We normally go on road trips during the Summer, and spend a lot of time outdoors and camping. This year we decided not to because of finances, but after reading this post I think we will at least need to take a mini-trip up the mountain near out city!


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