People have been taking butt-loads of pictures for a long time now. It became, after a while, a custom to snap as many vacation/trip photos as possible and have a slide show party.

Gather the family around a small slide projector and sit there as whomever is in control of the slides clicks through each, telling you the story behind each snapshot.

This is a fond memory of my childhood, pre-smartphone and before our family got internet. Even so, when we got a computer MySpace had just started and Facebook was long off.

Instagram reminds me of this tradition, a collection of pictures with a short story associated with each. Mini-stories. An interactive picture-book that people can enjoy and give a word or two on.

It is, to me, the last great Social Media venue. One of the "originals" of internet heavy hitters but the only one that hasn't changed in any way that doesn't benefit the user. Even with the introduction of advertising a few years ago, it hit that perfect spot of being noticeable but not overbearing.

Full disclosure: I don't post on there as often as most people. I believe in content quality over content quantity. I may not post ever single day, but when I do post, it's something I'm proud of.

So if you are inclined, give me a follow HERE and join me on my little photographic adventure!




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