Game of Who?

Look, the title may be a bit misleading. Yes I know what Game of Thrones is, I've seen all the memes. But I've found myself at an interesting crossroads, assimilating myself to a new-ish breed of bingewatchers that I like to call: The Wait and Binge Crowd.

It's been a long ass time since GOT was available on a platform that I can view it on, my only two being Netflix and Amazon Prime. The first season was available on Netflix years ago, but was taken down about a week after I discovered it. And so…I wait, ever so patiently. Waiting for it to be over, for the final episode of the series to air, then I'll go find it.

Spoilers don't ruin anything for me, that's just how my brain works. I already know (thanks to Facebook) about many of the plot points over the years. I generally know the characters, the layout, and some of the major events. I know what the Iron Throne is, that winter is coming, a certain character just drinks and knows things, and I know how little John Snow really knows.

I sit, currently, only very partially knowledgable of the series as a whole. That's ok though, my time will come.

Till then I'll pop on Facebook every so often and drop a "Hold The Door" so I can cause a few fanboy/girl tears.



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