A Mix CD and A Return

I started out as a Dad Blogger back in 2013, a few weeks after I started my 2nd and longest running podcast. Over the years I’ve grown within a community of Dads who all write, or have written, blogs of some sort. A number of them I’ve met in person, and more than that, have made fantastic friends with. One of those is none other than the Cheese Doodle Dad himself: The Cinko.

We’ve been fast Facebook friends for a few years now, and he’s just one of those people where every conversation we have seems like we’ve been friends for decades. Everyone should have a friend like this.

Anywhoozle…a few weeks ago he put up a public post on Facebook to anyone that would read. Something to the effect of: “who needs music inspiration? Let me know.” Needless to say, I did. So I dropped a comment on the post, he pm’d me for my address, and a week later there was a crisp, newly minted CD on my doorstep.

Now, I’m no fool (really), I knew right from the get-go that I would be getting some kind of mix. What I didn’t know was that it came with no label or trackless whatsoever. I’m sure that if the cd drive on my laptop was working, it would digitally bring up each track’s info immediately…but alas. And yet, not “alas”. For me this was the most exciting of CD’s to get!

It obviously was going to contain music, collected by a dear friend some thousands of miles away, and the only way to find out whats in it is to listen. So listen I did, and disappointment I felt not.

As soon as I have it complete, I’ll toss up the track list. Until then, just know that it took me on a dope rollercoaster of things i’ve never heard before, things I haven’t heard in a long time, soundtracks from some of my favorite movies, and a few curveballs that were right up my alley.

Glad to say too that it’s original purpose, to inspire, has worked out into something glorious. So keep your eye on the page, your ears on the new podcast episodes coming up, and i’ll see you on the “flippy floppy”.







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