The Office

Part of my job means not having an office. I have a closet.

Actually, I have a couple of closets and a few sheds. See at this job (one of two), I’m a maintenance tech for a couple of buildings belonging to the local YMCA. I love the work, it’s what I grew up doing. But currently it’s a time of organization and, until recently, no place to sit except the work truck.

There isn’t a lot of sitting to be done, but for now its a bit needed. I’ve always been a great organizer, especially in the places I’ve held a job. Growing up the son of a maintenance man, I’ve seen my Dad go through a few different formulas for each gig as far as keeping everything organized and inventoried.

And there is the key word: “inventoried”

Consolidating all of our materials (spare toilet parts, tools, electrical equipment etc) to one location in the building and organizing it is one thing. But keeping track of it all? Thats the key, and that’s one of the things I thrive on. So it was only natural (and made complete sense for the new company outlook) for me to bring in the laptop and get cracking on tracking! (See what I did there? No, I’m not proud, i’m just making sure. Kthxbai)

A few weeks ago I was assigned to this building in particular. Normally, the three of us (my boss, coworker, and me) would float around between buildings, taking care of issues that pop up in between the larger projects. But for now it’s just me here, taking ownership of the building in a way and focusing on everything it needs. Certain things that are required by the state, mends that need to be made yearly, the little things that pop up, that sort of thing.

The thing about this building is that while the ground floor has a distinct purpose and is always in use, the upstairs is a bit of a free-for-all. A couple of mostly empty offices, two large conference rooms, a kitchenette and a bathroom which for the most part had gone completely unused for quite a while.

Then there was a plan afoot. A change in management of the building meant having certain people occupying the offices which of course left no room at all for any Maintenance staff. To be fair, we never really considered it a need since we’ve always been on the move. But I couldn’t help but notice, after I began my recent tenure as “building maintenance guy”, that only 3 of the 5 offices had been moved into.

One for a local program that benefits Highschool Kids, one for one of the Directors who is currently using a different office downstairs, and one for another director who has been out sick. There was technically two left, almost completely untouched. A single large room with two desks on either side. One desk had been outfitted with a laptop doc and a monitor for when whoever uses it wants to use it, but the other….empty.

So that’s where I “set up shop” so to speak. Taking over this small corner of the world for whatever benefit I can muster from it. I even inquired as to what the “plan” plan for the space is and the answer I got was “well theres a plan…..but who knows if it’s ever going to happen.” So here I am, and here I’ll stay for now. Nothing permanently inhabiting the space, always ready to leave it when need be. But until then…..maybe I’ll bring in a picture or two.



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