Adventures in Macarons

I love baking during the holidays. It’s just one of my things. Chocolate chip cookies are my go to but I can never turn down a good Pumpkin Pie, my Mom’s “World Famous” Brownies, or my Dad’s Icebox Cake.

But this year I’m hit pretty hard by the “Baking Bug” so I decided to try something thats been on my “Hey you should try this” list for some time now.

French Macarons.

Those tiny, pretty, colorful, sweet little sandwiches of yummy are a two delicate cookies with some sort of cream/icing in the middle. When done correctly, they can be amazing. However….if not prepared correctly, or baked to long or too short, they can be a disaster.

My first attempt was just that.

After finding a basic recipe on, I realized 3/4 of the way through that something wasn’t right. As instructed, I purchased almonds and ground them into as fine a powder as I could with the food processor I have available. No good. Not fine enough. It wasn’t until a realization that my egg/sugar/Almond/confectioners sugar mix wasn’t thick enough, a bit of research (and a more reliable YouTube video) that a solution was presented: Almond Flour.

Attempt #2: Success. Well…..kinda. The egg mixture was still coming out pretty thin despite using the directed measurements. So I tried using more sugar to thicken it out, figuring I’ll take the risk on it being too sweet.

Lo and behold….the right texture, the right baking time, and MEGA SWEET French Macarons. I also discovered that I’m not at all a piping bag type of guy. My best result as far as uniform shape came in the form of a large spoon, dolloping the batter and twisting the spoon.

Conclusion: One of these days I’ll make some killer French Macarons. Once I hone in on the recipe, remembering to leave the eggs out till they are room temp before mixing, and a few other tweaks.

Till then,



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