Hard Plastic Meditation

This Walmart is huge. That’s America for you I suppose. Rows and rows of almost everything anyone in this small town could ever need or desire. I’m here for a list of things, cleverly detailed in my phone. But what I’m drawn to is more than groceries; it’s peace of mind. 

As a kid I was lucky to have parents that never shot down my creativity and supported it any way they could. My brothers, both older than I by quite a bit, also had a hand in the expanse of my imagination by handing down to me some “tools of the trade”.


No this is not a sponsored post, it’s a passion post. A deep seeded passion driven 90% by imagination and 10% by capitalism.

No matter what theme it was that year, undersea adventure or Harry Potter, I was always down for a new set. Put it together in a timely and organized manner, follow the instructions to a T. Then let it sit a while on a bookshelf or maybe the dining room table until finally: re-cycle. Disassemble and turn it into something new.

Before LEGO had even struck a deal with DC for the rights to make Batman sets, I had a Batcave. It was a few selections out of the Harry Potter run that I had kept mostly together and all the same, except for where I conjoined them all into Bruce Wayne’s stately respite.

A large set was peace on earth while it lasted. The larger the better, to the point where even today, standing in this section of Walmart dedicated to the minds of the future, I stare longingly at an Imperial Star Destroyer remembering what it’s like.

A deep meditation rife with hard plastic, detailed instructions, dedicated attention to every detail, and the occasional pinched finger tip.

So maybe, just maybe, despite my next birthday being my 28th and the existence of many other practical things, I should treat myself to this. Put on some new punk music (which yes, exists, but that’s for another post) and dive head first into the peaceful abyss like a swimming pool of focused and physical creativity.

Expect the answer shortly after the 29th.



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