Vacasa and The Future

Lately we’ve been talking about what we want for the New Year. Whether it’s being healthier or spending more time as a family, we have a number of goals moving forward.

One of those is special though: traveling. Going to other states, other countries etc. has always been a goal. But our passion is seriously driven lately which has lead to a slightly different discussion:

Having a property in a place that we love traveling to.

It seems out of reach almost immediately, but then I got word about Vacasa.

 The key to finding an amazing rental property isn’t just knowing the best locations, it’s knowing what locations are up and coming. I discovered a new report from the vacation rental pros at Vacasa that has confirmed something that I’ve believed about the California winter rental market since we’ve been looking at it.
It’s ready when we are. 
Vacasa applied their prodigious data analysis skills to the endless amounts of data they have on vacation rental markets around the country and pinpointed an awesome Top 10.
Winter month occupancy in winter vacation destinations are up almost 25% year over year since 2016. That means that winter vacation destinations are a real trend. But there’s more to finding a truly lucrative vacation property than proximity to events and stuff to do.
Vacasa’s Winter Vacation Report identifies the markets with the highest average occupancy increases in the winter months and chose the ones with the best one-year return on investment. 
Big Bear Lake (a great area we’ve been poking around at) was #6 on the list. 
 Here’s some stats on why the Lake made the list:
As you can see, Big Bear’s low median home price and relatively high amount of annual rental revenue offers a very competitive one-year return rate. 
You can check out the report here. And if you’re in the market for a winter vacation home I’d love to help you check out more from Vacasa!


—- I was compensated for this post, but I believe in its contents! I’ll never share something I don’t think you’d benefit from!—-

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