A Little-Big Breakfast

There’s just something about food that makes me feel…magic. Sure, the human body is programmed to react in certain ways to certain things so that we can sustain ourselves etc……but there’s something different there for me.

The way things are put on the plate, the shape things end up being by the time they make it too you. What’s the place like that we’re sitting in, what does it smell like, feel like? Going out for food is a full body/full mind experience whether you are in a grand dining room paying $400 a plate, or a mall store-front “restaurant” paying $5 for a burger and fries. I like both, but they key is always in the food itself. Your surroundings and the cost of the meal are just temporary, but you’ll never forget how the meal made you feel.

A place that we go to breakfast on the occasional weekends, Shorty’s Sunflower Cafe, meets every demand my body and mind can formulate. My family has been coming here since the week it opened and watched it grow, both physically and menu-wise. The owner is still there and still knows us by name, the decor hasn’t really changed, but it’s evolved. Artwork hung is both created and curated by the owners wife, a lovely talented woman. When you come here, you aren’t in a grand dining room, but you won’t find burgers on the menu.

From the menu: “Shorty’s Fave” with Scrapple added.
Shorty’s Fave: Two eggs any style, home made Zuccini bread, local Kielbasa and homefries.

What you’ll find is the most deliciously prepared meals you’ll find anywhere, with roots in PA Dutch, Spanish, French, and more. You’ll find the feeling of home tucked into a country-side getaway type of feeling, surrounded by waitresses that make you feel like family. For a real treat, sit at the counter by the kitchen right inside the front door. Kitchen banter between the cooks, which includes the owner George, is always better than TV.

My favorite place for breakfast/lunch is the Sunflower, whats yours? Let me know down in the comments and especially reach out if you go try this place out!



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