In Places

A few years ago I started a photo series called “In Places”. I’d be somewhere, spot a neat shot or have an idea pop into my head, then set up my phone in some handy way (or ask somebody to take it) and get the picture.

Most of them are on my Instagram, some of them are in past blog posts. But that series is not what I’m here for today.

Today I give it new life, by way of blog posts. Each location I travel to has a story, and because I am what I am, I’ve taken pictures in those places. So in this new series, starting July 7th 2019, I’ll be featuring new and old photography from my travels, and packaging them along with the story that goes with it.

Am I going the way of the “travel blogger”? Probably not. Not in the traditional sense anyway. The truth is, I find myself in places, and usually those places, or that day, or that picture, contains more than what we imagine.

This is “In Places”, and I hope you enjoy.

See you tomorrow.


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