The Princess & The Ocean (In Places #1)

I have always been in love with the ocean. There’s something about it that calls to me and comforts me. People of a certain belief will tell you it’s cause I’m an “Aquarius” or something about the way I grew up, but no matter the reason, it’s there and it’s strong.

The list of things I want to teach my daughter is long and constantly growing. Maybe it’s because I want her to have a relationship with the sea as I do, or for it to be something she knows about me and my personality, or simply so she can have the experience, but whatever it’s for I find myself putting trips to the ocean near the top of the list. Maybe it’s selfish, maybe it’s simply sharing something I love with her, I honestly don’t know.

Ocean City, Maryland 2018. Photo by Carissa Mullen

My relationship with the vast, nearly incalculable mass of water that makes up most of the surface of the Earth is, if I’m honest, incredibly hard to describe. But I know how it feeds my soul, how it helps me meditate, how it feels on my skin, how my whole self feels when I’m near it, in it, etc.

All I can do is continue to live, share my experiences, and see where this all takes us.



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