The Perks of Standing Up

There’s been a huge push over the past couple of years for standing desks in the workplace. Little did I know how much it would have an effect on even my at-home business of podcasting and blogging, as well as my hobbies!

You can’t deny the positive effects of a standing desk in your average day-to-day job. It’s been shown to increase productivity and improve overall health both physically and mentally. Keeping you blood flowing, your body moving, and your brain active can be the difference between a positive, productive workweek, or a sluggish day-to-day grind.

When AnthroDesk reached out to me regarding their sit/stand model, I was hesitant at first. Working from home has it’s advantages that most people wouldn’t pass up. I have an office area of the basement, with a solid desk and a comfy chair for podcasting and a reclining couch upstairs for getting cozy with the laptop and planning out my schedules. I figured, how would this help my process, and my life?

So I took a shot, and I’m glad I did. After a few months, I started noticing the difference. My overall back pain decreased, I felt more engaged in my work, and I have to confess something:


I get wayyyy more energetic and focused on my flow when I stand up and while hosting my podcast, and it’s an incredible feeling.

If you are on the fence, or never considered it, I encourage you to check out the Sit/Stand desk over at AnthroDesk, and give it a shot. It’s super-affordable, fits perfectly in the average desk space, and is built with awesome quality.

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