Opening Day

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not the biggest Baseball fan. For the longest time I’ve rarely caught a game on TV or in the stadium, although that’s mainly because I haven’t had any actual TV service since 2009, nor money to purchase tickets. But I never fell completely out of love with it.

The City

I have always loved the city, Philly more than most. It’s one of the strangest setups, as far as why I feel such a deep connection to it. My parents grew up in the city and lived there till their mid-thirties. Once they moved out to the woods with their two little ones, they decided… Read More The City

Dear Carson

Dear Carson, Everything is going to be ok, but I know you already know that. I remember seeing the video of you coming off the plane in Philadelphia being hounded by assholes and you did exactly what a professional does: keep moving and don’t acknowledge them. The Philadelphia Eagles fanbase is an incredibly loyal yet… Read More Dear Carson